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Pressure Washer Service

Tune-ups starting at $60

Tune-up Price (includes labor):​

Pressure washer tune-up:

$60 (plus parts and taxes)

Repair Rates:

Labor rate:

$85/hr (plus tax)

Minimum labor rate:

$42.50 (plus tax)


Same day labor rate:

$115/hr (plus tax)


Diagnostic fee*:

$40 (plus tax)

*This fee is waived if we repair your equipment


Tune-up includes:​
  1. Change oil

  2. New spark plug

  3. Service or replace air filter

  4. Flush fuel system (if necessary)

  5. Replace fuel lines (if necessary)

  6. Replace fuel filter (if applicable)

  7. Replace o-rings in hose connections (if necessary)

  8. Adjust operating speed (rpm)

  9. Adjust pressure output

Additional repairs may have additional labor charges.

Get your equipment back in running shape!
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