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About Us

Scholz Small Engine is a family-owned business serving Omaha, Nebraska, and surrounding areas since 2020. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with quality small engine services on equipment ranging from lawnmowers and snowblowers to zero-turns and ATVs. Whether you are a first-time homeowner, a lawn care professional, or an acreage owner, Scholz Small Engine will provide you with the professional services that you need and expect. We make sure our clients stay up-to-date and informed when their equipment is in our shop.

The Scholz Small Engine Advantage

1. Excellent Client Relationships​

We put great emphasis on our relationships with our clients. ​If there is one thing that we have found critical about competing in the Small Engine Service industry it is how important clients are to your business. Whether you are looking for a part, struggling to get your snowblower started, or have a question about your new equipment, we are here to help you out! When you do business with Scholz Small Engine, you become part of our family.

​2. Professional Service​

There is nothing worse than spending your hard-earned money on a service that was never completed or done properly. When you do business with us, we make sure that the services we provide are high quality and done correctly. If you still find something wrong with your equipment after you bring it to us, we will make sure that it is fixed and returned to you promptly, and usually at no cost to you.

3. Quick Turnaround

Are you tired of having to wait months to get your small engine equipment back from the shop? At Scholz Small Engine we try to return your equipment to you in as little as one to two weeks. When it comes to repairs, other shops wait weeks or even months to look at your equipment. When you bring your equipment to Scholz Small Engine for repair, we make sure it is diagnosed and you are provided with a repair estimate in as little as a week. Need it even sooner? We offer same-day rates for all of our services and keep common parts on hand so your equipment can be tuned-up or repaired and returned to you that same day.

4. We take care of your equipment like it is our own.

When your equipment is at Scholz Small Engine, you know that it is being taken good care of. We make sure that your equipment is never stored outside unlike most other shops. When your equipment sits outside in intense heat and cold, it begins to deteriorate, parts break, fluids degrade, electrical components begin to fail, and gaskets can begin to leak. Keeping your equipment stored inside, in a climate-controlled environment, is one of the many things we do to make sure your equipment returns to you in the same or better shape than when you brought it to us.

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